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  • Homes
  • Rooftop Pub
  • Jack’d Fitness
  • Living Wall Lounge/
    Rooftop Bark Park/
    Bike Shop
  • Stylish quartz countertops that impress
  • Vinyl plank flooring. Your pets will love it and so will you.
  • Built-in closet systems. You won’t know you need it until you have it.
  • Smart home AC and thermostat powered by Alexa because smarter is always better.
  • USB outlets. Enough charging space for all your devices and visiting devices from out of town.
  • Kegerator space for a pony keg of your fave cider, local IPA, or PBR.
  • Mini-fridge for other chilled drinks, spiced meats, whatevs.
  • Retractable awning for the good kind of shade. Not the kind you throw at your ex.
  • Outdoor TV lounge. Summer movie night party– check!
  • BBQ Grills. We encourage meat sweats here. Or veggie sweats.
  • Two firepits.
  • Fancy Belgian outdoor heaters. European heaters are just warmer or so they told us.
  • Very, very large TV. Go Hawks. Mariners. Sounders.
  • DJ Station. Give it a try. No license or massive social media following required.
  • So your mom will stop worrying about your health.
  • Every city place needs a little zen.
  • We love pets. Nuff said.
  • Fix your bike here… after you watch that Youtube video on how to tune your bike here.

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