Jack Presents: The Best Apartment Dogs (And Why They Deserve the Best Amenities)

Not all dogs were born for apartment life. Some are too active, too curious, and too social to be boxed in all day. Other dogs relish in the apartment lifestyle, cuddling and napping for most of the day. What makes some dogs perfect for apartment living while others yearn for a backyard? While some differences are based on the personality of the individual dog, there are certain breeds that generally make the best apartment dogs.

6 Best Apartment Dogs


 daschund jumping into water at dog park by beach

With their short legs and calm attitude, Dachshunds are wonderful apartment dogs. Dachshunds don’t need a lot of exercise and love taking naps (don’t we all). When you can get your Dachshund off the couch, our rooftop Bark Park is perfect for your dog to get some fresh air. Due to their relaxed  demeanor and agreeable nature, Dachshunds make some of the best apartment dogs.

Jack Apartments rooftop bark park with Seattle skyline in backgroundPrefer long-haired Dachshunds? Feel at ease knowing our vinyl plank flooring is extremely easy to clean. One quick sweep and your dog’s hair will be gone. 

Pug and Bulldog 

English bulldog relaxing on lawn with volleyball and toy ball

Both Pugs and Bulldogs are typically lazier than other dog breeds. They love lounging around and taking naps. What better way to spend the day indoors napping than with smart home AC? Go to work or school knowing your dog won’t melt in the summer heat. Also, Pugs and Bulldogs are more prone to heavy breathing and panting in the heat due to their shorter snouts. Feel at ease that your Pug or Bulldog will stay cool in your apartment all day and all night long. Pug and bulldogs generally prefer low activity levels, and in fact are healthier with minimal exercise, making them some of the easiest to take care of in an apartment.

King Charles Spaniel 

King Charles spaniel glamour shot on lawn with curly ear fur

King Charles Spaniels are also great for small spaces. They become very attached to their owners and enjoy being able to see their owners frequently. They would much rather spend time with you in your cozy Jack apartment. This dog breed also enjoys plenty of time outdoors (also a perfect match for our rooftop Bark Park). One downside is that King Charles Spaniels are sometimes hard to potty train and take longer than other dogs to be trained. Luckily, our vinyl plank flooring in all of our apartments is both gorgeous and easy to clean, so no sweat. While not the easiest apartment dogs, King Charles spaniels are near the top in terms of popularity.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier playing with ball on lawn, lying down and chewing on ball, cute dog picture

Boston Terriers have all of the playfulness and energy of a large dog, while also having the benefits of a small dog. If you want a dog that loves being outside and taken on lots of walks, this is the dog for you. Boston Terriers are also very independent and not a “lap dog”. They enjoy having the apartment all to themselves while you’re out and about. Boston Terriers are often hyper, so you will most likely be a regular visitor of our Bark Park on the roof. And with this amazing view, it’s not so bad hanging out on the roof with a drink (or two). 


corgi posing in garden with purple flowers, beautiful corgi portrait

Last but definitely not least, Corgis are also great for apartment life due to their small size and cuddly nature. Don’t let the Queen’s corgis fool you – they do not need to live in a castle to be happy pups. Corgis also love looking out windows and people-watching. It’s a perfect match for our large, windowed balconies. Your Corgi will be able to hang out in the cool AC and watch the birds outside all day long. These cuddly creatures are great apartment companions.

Insert Corgi here: Jack Apartments dining room kitchen area by balcony

With our rooftop Bark Park, easy-to-clean vinyl flooring, and super cool AC, we want your pups to be as comfortable as possible. Your dog will feel right at home at Jack Apartments, and we want you to as well. Check out our apartments here, or go straight to our applications if we’ve sold you on it already. 

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